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Matriculation Examination in Finland

The Matriculation Examination is a national examination based on the syllabus of the Finnish upper secondary school.

As mentioned in "Finnish Lesson 3.0" by Pasi Sahlberg, here are the sample questions from 2020:

Sample essay topics (in mother tongue):

“Some politicians, athletes and other celebrities have publicly regretted and apologized for what they have said or done. Discuss the meaning of the apology and accepting it as a social and

personal act.”

“Has your body become your hobby?”

“Media is competing for audiences—what are the consequences?”

“Choose three world religions and compare the role and use of a holy image within them.”

Sample health education questions:

“What is the basis of dietary recommendations in Finland and what is their aim?”

“Compare chlamydia and condyloma.”

Sample psychology question:

“Design a study to find out how personality affects individuals’ behavior on Facebook or other social media. Discuss the ethical considerations for that type of study.”

Sample history question:

“Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels predicted that a socialist revolution would first happen in countries like Great Britain. What made Marx and Engels claim that and why did a socialist revolution happen in Russia?”

Sample philosophy question:

“In what sense are happiness, good life, and well-being ethical concepts?”

Sample ethics question:

“High school students often require that they are served a particular diet as their school lunch. Reasons may be medical, religious, ethical or moral. Describe students’ requirements and their reasons; and assess the righteousness of having any particular diet in school.”

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