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Welcome to the School of Heroes!

Step 1: Appointment 

  • Please first make an appointment for a meeting with admission manager/principal of school. We'll introduce our school and curriculum to you. We'll show how we develop heroes of learning. 

  • Special note: We have limited appointment time. PLease fill out the form below.

Step 2: Application


  • Please fill all the required fields in the application form;

  • Special note: your child’s previous school records are not required if you are applying for the 1st grade

  • First 15 applications per grade/class, with completed application form will be invited to the next step - The interview.

Step 3: Interview/test

  • The main purpose of the interview is to learn about each other. We would like to encourage you to share any prior information about your child’s educational background and individual needs. On the other hand, we will have the opportunity to share more details about our educational program,  approaches, values and answer any questions you may have. 

  • We do want to ensure that our school really fits your child's needs and meets your expectations. Children applying for the I-VI grades will need to take the English language proficiency test - to determine and plan the individual learning objectives accordingly.

  • Please, keep in mind that student must pass the English language proficiency test in order to enroll the school. 

  • The interview will be conducted by the Principal of Finnish International School, Administration Managers.

Step 4: Registration

  • Once your child passes the interview/test, SISU UB representative will contact you to confirm the accuracy of the provided information;

  • You will also receive the registration confirmation letter /acceptance letter/and the invoice for the registration fee;

  • Your child will be officially registered at the Finnish International School upon covering the registration fee; The registration fee (tba) should be paid within 3 working days. 

Step 5: Tuition and Start of the School


  • School will start in September 2023.

  • Tuition fee and additional fee must be fully paid in order for a student to officially start their class. 

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