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SISU School Ulaanbaatar - School of joy 

SISU School Ulaanbaatar is a private innovative school that is focused on preparing future scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are eager to enter the unknown, volatile, challenging world.

SISU Schools® is a global model with a comprehensive and holistic approach to learning. SISU students discover a world of knowledge by playing and sharing, becoming the best version of themselves. Each student comes to school with his own individual challenges and it is our aim to encourage our kids through a successful and positive way to reach their goals.


Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship relies on understanding identity through common humanity rather than through geography, politics, or culture. This means a true global citizen must value empathy and possess genuine desire to understand multiple sides through self-awareness of one’s own conditionings and natural biases. In an academic setting this means regardless of the subject (be it literature, biology, or Mongolian language) applying content and skills learned to contemporary international issues is a pathway in this direction.


Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the responsible use of technology to promote academic inquiry, find information that is both reputable and useful, and communicate both professionally and productively. Digital Citizenship mandates that learners develop methods for evaluating legitimacy in sources, the prevalence of bias, and optimization of where to search for information. Another key factor of true digital citizenship is empathy in social connection where learners can see beyond the void of cyberspace and perceive others' humanity in all digital interactions, guiding empathetic and compassionate behavior.


High Quality Learning & Teaching

At SISU School Ulaanbaatar, we believe that High Quality Learning & Teaching is a collective journey of discovery. A journey that creates agency, respects cultures, the rights and wellbeing of children and leads to active citizens who equitably engage with their local and global communities. Individual growth and social emotional intelligence are paramount to SISU’s process of learning and teaching as children plan and set goals, develop a growth mindset, inquire, think critically and creatively, reflect, and engage in meta-cognition and innovation.


Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Learning enables us to know how we create meaning. Intercultural learning occurs when our learning enables us to understand issues and material outside of their own culturally conditioned biases. When intercultural learning occurs, we understand issues from multiple points of view and with awareness of our cultural setting, learn how culture, biases, and values affect our perception. We must possess a basic self-awareness of our own cultural, ideological, political, moral background and positions of power and privilege.


Admission open for Grade 1-9

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