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Strong Academic Competence and The Advanced Placement Program™

SISU High School meets the local curriculum standards and has a special emphasis on Math, Science and English Language. Those three subjects meet the Finnish and American International standards for providing strong academic competence. 

This dual structure ensures that students are prepared for local universities but also offers an advantage in applying for the universities and colleges internationally. 

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a challenging academic program designed to provide motivated high school students with college-level academic courses. 


Research shows that AP students are better prepared for college than students who don’t take AP. They’re more likely to enrol and stay in college and perform well in their classes.

AP Program is considered a standard for academic excellence in the United States. AP courses with qualifying exam grades are accepted for credit, advanced placement or both, by most American colleges and universities.  


AP courses develop students academic skills that students need for succeeding at college or at university. 

SISU Students are also able to pursue an AP International Diploma that is globally recognized. 


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